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VP Booking started in August 2017. VP Booking started with some local support from many entrepreneurs, Hanif Camacho, DJ Seizure, DJ Dizzy, Manny Riich, Luis Redd, and many more. VP Booking creates platforms for artist to shine on.

VP BOOKING is the creator of producing giveaways, showcases, and events for all local artist. VP is the creator of giving a HotBoyTurk feature to a local artist. VP also created giving local artist opportunity to win a VPBOOKING COMMERCIAL GIVEAWAY ON THE BEAT MIAMI. VP is also the first inventor of creating local artist giveaways to be on billboards, SaycheeseTV and other platforms.

The purpose of VP Booking uniting all artists in Florida is for growth, support, more following, exposure, branding, and networking. She wants artist dedication to be heard. VP Booking creates those platforms.


Our CEO, Vanessa Pina, used to work at a radio station, she would see how people who were truly talented would get no attention. That person would try to speak with one of the radio employees and the CEO saw how they would get rejected. 

“Florida’s the state that each women/men only care about themselves.” -VP

VP decided to create an Empire for all the local artists in every state.

No matter if you're an artist in Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Merengue, Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, or whichever music genre.

VP Booking supports all ARTIST.


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